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Discovery Call (15 mins) No Cost

Start with a Free 15 Minute Discovery Call to discuss your unique situation and determine how Corrective Balance can help you reach your personal health and wellness goals. Dr. Jenn is here to create a supportive environment as we explore what really works for you to get well! Could one conversation change your life?

First Time In Office Appointment or Long Distance (60 mins)

Complete your new-client intake form when scheduling. I will review it prior to our appointment. This will allow us to progress further and ensure more effective use of your scheduled time. 

During your visit we will focus on gathering as much relevant information about your health as possible. We use MSA ( Meridian Stress Assessment ) can also be called Electrodermal Screening (EDS) an FDA approved medical device, instrument-based method for gathering information about the health and well-being of the body and organs by electrical measurements of the skin along various points of the hands and feet touching the meridian points.  This highly effective and revealing method of assessment is a product of time honored ancient Chinese medical principles, and 21st century computer technology.  We then measure the stress and inflammation of these points to gather the information and run your reports. 

A thorough look at health history, medical history and diet/lifestyle information helps to provide valuable insights that will allow us to formulate an appropriate and results-driven treatment plan. Included with this appointment is a 2 week curiosity phone call check in, then follow up consultation in 4 weeks is recommended.

Long Distance Appointment (30 mins) 

A fast and easy way to work with Jennifer! You don’t have to be local. Schedule your consultation and complete your new-client intake form. I will review it prior to our appointment. This will allow us to progress further and will provide more effective use of your scheduled time.
This first appointment is a connection call to go over your Health History. Choose this appointment, choose a time for us to connect over the phone and I’ll guide you into the next steps.

Follow-Up Appointment (30 mins) 

Booked 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation, the follow-up is essential to monitor & discuss your ongoing treatment plan. Depending on how complex your health concerns are, multiple appointments may be scheduled over a number of weeks/months as necessary. As every person is different, it will depend on your unique situation.

Phone Follow-Up Appointment (30 mins) 

For existing clients to check-in between appointments for discussing results or their treatment plan.

Thermography Services

Breast Thermogram $250
Upper Body Thermogram $350
Full Body Thermogram $450

Thermography Locations:

Wausau Wisconsin, Presque Isle Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

Thermography is a test that uses ultra-sensitive infrared cameras and computer technology to produce high-resolution images of heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues. It is completely non-invasive and involves no radiation or compression.

Thermography measures subtle temperature variations in the breast tissue. The technology detects heat, which can be produced by increased blood vessel circulation, inflammation, or other metabolic changes.

Thermography has been subjected to extensive scientific research since the 1950s. It is FDA-cleared as an adjunct to breast cancer screening. Strict protocols for the interpretation of thermograms have been standardized for years.

Naturopathic Oncology

Slowing cancer down safely. The key to surviving Cancer is to catch it early. The earlier, the better.  The better way of seeing it first is to understand the causes and conditions that lead to cancer to diagnose it way before our doctors will with their diagnostic tests, which use dangerous levels of Cancer forming radiation. Cancer’s signs and symptoms can be seen just as quickly before Cancer arrives if we stop long enough to appreciate the diversity of causes. 

Functional Labs

Bridging the gap between the medical care model and the self care model. Stop chasing symptoms and begin to make improvements in function and health by using a well-established system of investigation into causal factors and natural solutions. Run functional lab work to help identify stressors and dysfunctions that are downgrading health and creating or contributing unwanted symptoms.

Genetic Testing

Have you thought about testing your genetics? Trying to get to the bottom of a complex health issue? Want to improve the way your body looks, feels, and performs? Your genes are the foundation for your health and can provide insights into what your body needs and what it doesn’t.

Naturopathic Health Coaching 

A Naturopathic Health Coach is a supportive mentor who helps clients reach their wellness goals and feel their best through personalized, one-on-one encouragement around finding the foods and lifestyle practices that work best for them.

Dr. Jenn provides guidance and accountability – from exercise and nutrition to relationships, career, and spirituality – for clients as they embark on a journey toward optimal holistic health.

You’ll receive a comprehensive education focusing on three pillars: nutrition and integrative health, coaching skills, and development. Dr. Jenn provides you with the tools to transform your health!

All office hours are by appointment only.

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