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Work with Naturopathic Doctor Jennifer Knauf, ND
will open the door to lasting health and wellness.

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Dr. Jennifer Knauf, ND, CHHP

Hello and welcome.

If you want to feel better and be healthier you are in the right place. I help clients transform their lives with step-by-step strategies to improve their health.

I believe that there’s HOPE. I believe there is an answer for why you don’t feel well.

If you’re suffering with digestive issues, weight, stress, depression, thyroid, toxins in your body and in life, you can change this. It takes courage and the ability to push yourself to the next level to make it happen and we can do it together.

Let’s connect to see how I can help you change your life!

What Clients Are Saying

  • Thank you for all your wise words and encouragement that I needed to hear. Not only did you know what to recommend but it was obvious you wanted the best for my daughter. I can't thank you enough, I have hope again.
    Lori Butler
  • I'm very pleased with the amount of time Jennifer spent talking with me and with the thorough test results. My health has noticeably improved and I can get up easier in the morning.
    Sharon Kreft
  • Dr. Jennifer has had a positive impact on my family's health, where traditional medicine has fallen short. She is focused on addressing causes rather than symptoms. Working with her has been a life changer for us!  
    Jami Kussatz Kaiser
  • I am truly impressed with Dr. Jenn's knowledge and her care and concern for her patients. I had gone to numerous traditional doctors without any answers and Jennifer is helping me get my health back in order and to feel like myself again!
    Ellen Chittum
  • Working long distance with her has been a true lifesaver. The technology that she has available is absolutely amazing! Showing the FACTS instead of playing a guessing game with your health is what keeps me as her number one fan!
    Sandy Newman Scholz
  • Dr. Knauf has a clear understanding of what makes your body work without putting all the negative medication that traditional medicine does. She has help me with the chronic stomach issue that has plagued my life for 30 years. It is amazing!
    Barb Stuttgen
  • Jennifer's feedback and insights will be invaluable to me as I continue on this health journey, and as I provide others with the tools which will profoundly impact their health and well-being.  
    Zandra Morgan
  • The appointments with Jennifer are packed with information on healing your body from within. She will put in as much effort as you are willing to allow. There is never any pressure!
    Lisa Ocker Blaney
  • After a year of back issues and endless appointments with chiropractors, doctors etc. I came upon Dr. Jennifer, her knowledge of the body is outstanding. She immediately helped bring down the inflammation which was causing chronic pain for me. Thank you Jennifer!
    Paula Krzanowski
  • I was dealing with stress and other health issues and Jennifer was able to suggest natural remedies for me. I love that she is so kind, warm and easy to talk too. She took lots of time to work with me and did not rush me out of the office.
    Pouneh Asli
  • I have suffered from IBS and GERD since I was 8 years old! I also have intense trouble with Anxiety. With the initial evaluation/scan, I was given information to pinpoint what I needed to avoid (foods), and two digestive remedies. I am totally amazed at the results.
    Bernadette K Wagner
  • If you looking for answers, this is the place. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and truly cares.
    Kathy Willner
  • Best decision of my life everyone should be a part of this!
    Alexis Rae Magray
  • Jennifer is knowledgeable and personable. I cannot thank her enough for helping us to become healthier in our busy life... many thanks!
    Jill Kehole
  • Sick and literally dying. I am confident that without Jennifer's help in that moment, I would not be here writing this recommendation. I am "GREAT FULL" Jennifer is an advocate for natural health, as well as respecting, supporting, and caring for me in my time of need!
    Lisa Fuller
  • It's amazing how much better you feel when you don't continuously feed your body food that it can not accept! The different tools she has there to see what's actually going on in your body are unbelievable! Thanks for giving me back my life!
    Judi Tacke
  • Jennifer is amazing, the knowledge she has is truly outstanding and not only that she is a beautiful person inside and out, a true inspiration.  Thank you very much Jennifer.
    Cathy Gordon
  • Very happy with the improved health I'm enjoying since starting treatment with Jennifer. Her care and expertise are top notch and the recommended homeopathic remedies are making a big difference in my life!
    Barbara S.
  • Dr. Jenn made me think long and hard about my health, and how things that are happening to me right now. My body tells me that I have problems and you nailed them right on the head. I feel better knowing what is wrong.
    Jim Thomas
  • I thought I had Fibromyalgia and was looking for some hope. What I found out instead is that I have Lyme Disease and about every co-infection possible. I sincerely want to thank you - no one else could ever do that for me.
    Angela T
  • I just have to say "THANK YOU". I have been experiencing stomach issues/discomfort for quite some time now but not knowing what to do and I finally feel back to normal. I just wish I would have known about you sooner!
    Jen Fryar

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