Welcome to April!

Spring Flowers and Your Emotions

What do flowers have to do with your emotional health?

April flowers are the sight of the first spring in April. After a long, cold gray winter the appearance of colorful flowers dotting the landscape can bring a smile and a sense of relief that winter is finally over. Historically, spring flowers were a sign to celebrate the coming of the new growing season.

How do emotions play into this spring? There is a wealth of clinical evidence that flowers bring more than smiles and joy to us, they may change, lift and support our emotions. Perhaps in the same way the sight of spring flowers brought joy to our ancestors, they can support our emotions in our modern time as well.

This is the perfect time of year to work on your emotions with a flower remedy. A flower essence remedy is a solution of water and a preserving liquid with the water containing a dilution of the flower. Flower remedies were formally developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopath from England in the 1930’s.

Many studies have been performed on the flower essence remedies for mood related conditions. With the high number of pharmaceutical drugs for mood control, a flower remedy could be just what you are looking for. During a office visit with me, I go over your need for flower redmedis and offer you tools for emotional support.

Maybe trying a flower essence this spring and summer might be just what the doctor ordered! Aske me more when you come in for your next appointment.

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