How to Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Depression During this Unprecedented Time
Take A 10-Minute Walk in Nature to Help Fight COVID-19

Spending time in nature may reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Convincing people to get outdoors and engage in exercise might not be as hard as it used to. More and more people are taking advantage of the stay at home order and getting outside at least once a day. This is good to take a digital detox and break, adjust your eyes to look up and forward. I would encourage your kids to do this as everyone is at home learning from Chrome Books, not good for the eyes.

It’s a well-known fact that spending time outdoors in nature is great for your health and your family’s health. We go for 3 mile walks pretty much every day, it’s great for the dogs as well. There is evidence to show that living in a greener environment can be great for your overall health and well being. Yet another great reason to live in the Northwoods! Generally speaking no matter where you live, city or country, any time in nature can significantly reduce your stress levels (keep the phone at home); improve social connections (walk with your family or a friend or pet), and greatly enhance your overall perspective on life (breath in the clean air and thank God).

But, here’s the most important question, how much time do you need to spend outdoors to enjoy the health benefits for stress, anxiety and depression? Even during this stay at home order some are having a hard time with, not enough time, to get done what they would like. Spending the ‘right’ time in nature can make all the difference in the world.

Research discovered that people spending a minimum of 120 minutes in nature each week enjoy better psychological wellbeing and overall health than those who aren’t getting outdoors. I say you should be outside for 120 daily (split that up in 2, am and pm walks). In the study, no benefits were seen in people who spent less than 120 minutes each week at parks, beaches, and woodlands. Click here for the reference.

Time to get outdoors to help fight off stress, anxiety and depression during this unprecedented time. Take A 10-minute walk in nature to help fight COVID-19. Spend more time at the beach (if you are allowed), take time for a walk in the park (look for a state park in your area), or head out on a camping trip (once it warms up). Your future health will thank you.

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