This is Real and it might be happening to you right now! It’s Holiday Weight Gain…
I would say that one of the biggest complaints I hear around the holidays goes something like, “My eating habits are out of control! I am bloated, gaining weight, and I can’t stop eating!”

In the winter, we turn up the heat in our homes. In the same way, the body is working to increase the digestive fire so it can process the heavier, richer, more insulating proteins and fats of the winter harvest. The key is to make sure you are turning on the digestive fire, rather than turning it off, with those yummy holiday foods.

Here’s a few tips on how we can do this. Eat meals, not snacks. It’s easy to skip meals this time of year. Snacks cause our blood sugar to crash and then we start pigging out on holiday junk food that is extremely hard to digest and drowns out our digestive fire.


Drink a big glass of water 15 minutes before your meal. This turns on the digestive fire that you need to break down your foods. Give yourself permission to have that holiday sweet, just make it part of a meal and don’t feel guilty about it. Enjoy the treat!

Out to eat at a restaurant and you want to make sure your foods break down? Here is a quick digestive fire starter: Let’s say you are at a restaurant or a holiday gathering about to eat a late or heavy meal, and you are concerned that it will bloat you or just not digest well: Mix 1/8 tsp of salt and 1/8 tsp of black pepper in a spoon. Order water with lemon (preferably without ice, keeping the water room temperature or warm), add the salt and pepper mixture and take this digestive starter before you order. By the time your food arrives, your digestive fire will be ready to cook that holiday meal! Yumm! Your digestive system will thank you for this.

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