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I said this yesterday and it’s worth talking about again today! This is one answer on how to help yourself in these unprecedented times. Nutritional solutions are available right now to help save lives. It appears that zinc is the most promising nutritional substance that could help this global pandemic.

Here’s a study that was focused on cancer cells, we also know that zinc blocks coronavirus RNA polymerase activity, which is what the coronavirus uses to replicate.
This paper, published in another PLoS journal, specifically talks about “zinc ionophores” blocking the replication of coronavirus in cell cultures: “Zn(2+) inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture.”

Here’s the link from the U.S. National Library of Medicine Study:

From the abstract of that study:
Increasing the intracellular Zn(2+) concentration with zinc-ionophores like pyrithione (PT) can efficiently impair the replication of a variety of RNA viruses, including poliovirus and influenza virus. For some viruses this effect has been attributed to interference with viral polyprotein processing. In this study we demonstrate that the combination of Zn(2+) and PT at low concentrations (2 µM Zn(2+) and 2 µM PT) inhibits the replication of SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and equine arteritis virus (EAV) in cell culture.

More specifically, Zn(2+) was found to block the initiation step of EAV RNA synthesis, whereas in the case of the SARS-CoV RdRp elongation was inhibited and template binding reduced. By chelating Zn(2+) with MgEDTA, the inhibitory effect of the divalent cation could be reversed, which provides a novel experimental tool for in vitro studies of the molecular details of nidovirus replication and transcription.

So we know that chloroquine and zinc drives the zinc into cells, blocking coronavirus replication. This is published science, not a random theory.

It is very likely that most of the people dying from coronavirus are zinc deficient.

It looks like zinc might be the most important preventive measure, possibly in combination with chloroquine, to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Trump ordered the entire population to take zinc to slow the spread of the virus and could potentially save thousands of lives. I have Zinc in my office ready to ship out if anyone would like. Just send me a message and let me know, I’m here for support!

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