Spring is the time of year the earth holds more water. The previous season, winter, where it was bone-dry, now the earth begins to swell with more water. As a result of this, we see sprouts popping up, flowers bloom and the leaves slowly begin to show.

This same type of earthy exchange also happens in our bodies. We begin to hold more water, more mucus. Stay away from that dairy. With increasing sunshine, new life around us as a vibrant energy sparks within us.

To ensure this healthy new spring energy within us, it is ideal this time of year to make sure your gut is in good standings. Just like our homes when we want to go spring cleaning, we need to spring clean our insides as well. This of this as scrubbing and scraping the villi and lymphatic walls of the intestinal skin. A good first step to this is laying down a layer of soluble fiber with seeds like chia, flax, slippery elm, marshmallow and licorice root.

Once we cleanse, we then move to the most important part of spring, greens! Enjoying the spring greens will ensure your liver, gallbladder and lymphatic systems the cleansing opportunities with chlorophyll.

So, to round this up… Eat More Greens! Enjoy!

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