Breakfast for the Holidays…Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Medicine dating back 5000 years maintained that breakfast and lunch are the two most important meals of the day, with supper being the least important and lightest. By eating breakfast you will maintain your ideal body weight. A review of 19 studies involving over 93,000 participants found that skipping breakfast was associated with being overweight and obese. The review concluded that consuming breakfast in all populations may be beneficial for a healthy weight. And it helps you feel better, work better during the day and your body will thank you!

Eating breakfast enhances cognitive function, who knew just by eating one meal right away in the morning could help you so much during the day. Studies suggest those who eat breakfast enjoy better cognitive function, mood, and satiety than those who skip it.

In a study on teenagers, those who ate breakfast self-reported higher energy levels and less fatigue. Overall, the findings suggested that breakfast consumption enhances cognitive function in teenagers. Let’s help the kids out and give them a good start on the day. Try real whole food, not something out of the box.

Need to burn fat?
Breakfast Helps Burn Carbs Better During Exercise
In one study, breakfast consumed two hours before an hour-long cycling session increased the rate at which the body burned carbohydrates during exercise. It also quickened the rate that the body digested and burned food consumed post-exercise. Interestingly, the carbs burned during exercise were not only from the breakfast meal, they were also burned from fat storage sites in the body. Bring it on! I would love to burn stored fat in the body to help me feel better during the day. Try it!!

While studies make a case for not skipping breakfast, other factors such as what you eat for breakfast, when you eat it, and even how you eat it all make a difference. According to the ancient wisdom, how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat it ALL matters!

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