Most of us engage in some type of spring cleaning, our home, garage, office, garden, yard but most importantly, we have to make sure we spring clean ourselves. By doing so, we are setting yourself up for a good year ahead into summer, fall and winter.

Sping is a perfect opportunity to cleanse the body. By cleansing the and transiting into spring the body has a better opportunity to burn more fat, natural weight loss, stable your moods and renewed energy for the summer ahead.

If you get your body in sync with nature, your body will have a natural desire to eat less and burn more fat. In nature, the shift from winter into spring is a very important time of the year. To make the most from this time of year we need to sync our body with nature.

Here are a few best practices for spring:

Eat more fiber from greens, beans, and sprouts.

Cook all of your spring veggies, except sprouts and microgreens.

Drink water between your meals

Move your body every day!!

Do a detox!

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